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The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 states that signage must be used to warn people of potential risks and protect against danger. So why not ask us to carry out a risk assessment and order your signage.

If you want your workplace to comply with safety legislation, then our range of fire escape signs are essential.

We supply signs pointing in every direction, as well as fire call point signs for alarm points and general fire action notices.

Sign sizes we can provide:
  • 120x240mm escape route sign - Viewable from 17m
  • 150x400mm escape route sign - Viewable from 22m
  • 200x450mm escape route sign - Viewable from 30m
  • 200x150mm fire action notices - range available from public fire action to staff fire action notice 50x150mm fire safety signs
  • 80x80mm call point sign


  • Fire Escape
  • Directional sinage

Fire escape signs are provided to guide you from wherever you are in a building, via a place of relative safety (the escape route) to the place of ultimate safety (the assembly area).

  • Fire Extinguisher Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Identification

Fire Extinguisher Identification (ID) signs are required for two reason: They show any building occupant what types of fire the extinguisher it is and what fire it can and cannot be used on.

  • Fire Alarm Call Point Signs
  • Alarm point identification

The fire alarm call point regulations state that non automatic fire fighting equipment is marked in red with a white border, symbol and text.