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Whether you have just had a visit from the Fire Service and been served an enforcement notice or you have completed your own Fire Risk assessment and have identified lots of actions, Hazlemere Fire Protection Services can help you to comply fully with the law without breaking the bank.

Hazlemere Fire Protection Services can fit, maintain and service: fire doors; fire door sets; fire alarm systems; emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. Hazlemere Fire Protection Services can also improve fire separation to achieve compliance and undertake electrical testing,

Emergency Lighting Installation, Service & Testing

Scheduled Servicing of Emergency Lighting Systems

Servicing of emergency lighting systems should be carried out at six monthly intervals for self contained luminaries in addition to a monthly flash test as stipulated in the British Standards BS EN 5266. Hazkemere Fire Protection can help with all these requirements.

We offer flexible support options, which include installation, periodical inspection and testing routines all in accordance with the recommendations of British Standards.

The new Fire Safety Order encompasses and takes the place of all previous fire safety legislation and all aspects of Fire Safety are now together under this order and now non compliance is dealt with under the authority of criminal law.

This piece of legislation requires the ‘Responsible Person’, to consider all aspects of Fire Safety within their premises and included in this requirement is the provision of Emergency Lighting.

What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lights are self contained units that are wired into the mains, but have the benefit of battery backup which enables them to remain illuminated should the mains power fail. The batteries can either be carried within the body of the individual light or accessed by lights via an independent wired circuit. The batteries are kept charged via the mains.